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Videnskabelige og populærformidlende artikler fra Smag for Livet


Oversigt Her kan du finde alle de forsknings- og formidlingsartikler, som Smag for Livets deltagere har publiceret i videnskabelige tidsskrifter og forskellige populærvidenskabelige formater og medier. Listen er senest opdateret 1. juni 2021.


Internationale artikler og bogkapitler med peer review (2021)

  • Meat Reduction in 5 to 8 Years Old Children - A Survey to Investigate the Role og Parental Meat Attachment (J. Erhardt and A. Olsen). Foods, 10(8):1756 (2021).
  • Fussy eating among children and their parents: Associations in parent-child dyads, in a sample of children with and without neurodevelopmental disorders (S. Þorsteinsdóttir, A. Olsen, and A.S. Ólafsdóttir). Nutrients, 13 (7), 2196 (2021).
  • Algae in the human world: beauty and taste come first (O. G. Mouritsen and J. L. Pérez-Lloréns) In Being Algae. Transformations in Water Plant Studies (Y. H. Hendlin, S. Mugnai, N. Derossi, and J. Weggelaar, eds.) Brill Critical Plant Studies, in press (2021).
  • Physicochemical characterisation of sous vide cooked squid (Loligo forbesii and Loligo vulgaris) and the relationship to selected sensory properties and hedonic response (C. V. Schmidt, L. Plankensteiner, P. L. Faxholm, K. Olsen, O. G. Mouritsen, and M. B. Frøst) Int. J. Gast. Food Sci. 23, 100298 (2021).
  • Umami potential of fermented beverages: sake, wine, champagne, and beer (C. Vinther Schmidt, K. Olsen, and O. G. Mouritsen) Food Chem. 360, 128971 (2021).
  • Odour-induced umami - olfactory contribution to umami taste in seaweed extracts (dashi) by sensory interactions (M. B. Frøst, L. Duelund, M. A. Petersen, A. L. Hartmann, and O. G. Mouritsen) Int. J. Gast. Food Sci. (2021).
  • Gastrophysical and chemical characterization of structural changes in cooked squid mantle (Loligo forbesii and L. vulgaris) (C. V. Schmidt, L. Plankensteiner, M. P. Clausen, A. R. Walhter, J. J. K. Kirkensgaard, O. G. Mouritsen, and K. Olsen) J. Food. Sci. submitted (2021).
  • Saved by seaweeds: phyconomic contributions in times of crisis (O. G. Mouritsen, P. Rhatigan, M. L. Cornish, A. T. Critchley, and J. L. Perez-Llorens) J. Appl. Phycol. 33, 443-458 (2021).
  • The Sugar Devil - Demonizing the taste of sweetness in Denmark. (S. Højlund) In: Folk Devils. Past and Present. Eds: M. D. Frederiksen og I. H. Knudsen Helsinki University Press, in press (2021).
  • Creating and Re-creating a Dish. On Craftmanship, Cooking and Food as Material Culture (S. Højlund and C. Squarzon) In: The Material Cultures of Food. Eds: Mihalache, I. and Zanoni E., Bloomsbury, in press (2021).
  • Imaging: Imaging foodstuff and products of culinary transformations (M. P. Clausen, M. Christensen, and O. G. Mouritsen). In CRC Handbook of Molecular Gastronomy: Scientific Foundations and Culinary Applications (H. This, R. Burke, A. Kelly, and C. Lavelle, eds.) CRC Press, pp. 404-409 (2021).
  • Squid: Gastrophysics of squid: from gastronomy to science and back again (O. G. Mouritsen, C. V. Schmidt, P.  L. Faxholm, and M. P. Clausen). In CRC Handbook of Molecular Gastronomy: Scientific Foundations and Culinary Applications (H. This, R. Burke, A. Kelly, and C. Lavelle, eds.) CRC Press, pp. 541-544 (2021).
  • Seaweeds: Phycogastronomy - the culinary science of seaweeds (O. G. Mouritsen).  In CRC Handbook of Molecular Gastronomy: Scientific Foundations and Culinary Applications (H. This, R. Burke, A. Kelly, and C. Lavelle, eds.) CRC Press, pp. 517-522 (2021).
  • Umami: The molecular science of umami synergy (O. G. Mouritsen).  In CRC Handbook of Molecular Gastronomy: Scientific Foundations and Culinary Applications (H. This, R. Burke, A. Kelly, and C. Lavelle, eds.) CRC Press, pp. 619-624 (2021).
  • Texture: Tsukemono - the art and science of preparing crunchy vegetables (O. G. Mouritsen).  In CRC Handbook of Molecular Gastronomy: Scientific Foundations and Culinary Applications (H. This, R. Burke, A. Kelly, and C. Lavelle, eds.) CRC Press, pp. 593-598 (2021).
  • Culinary sciences for the enhancement of the public understanding of science (O. G. Mouritsen).  In CRC Handbook of Molecular Gastronomy: Scientific Foundations and Culinary Applications (H. This, R. Burke, A. Kelly, and C. Lavelle, eds.) CRC Press, pp. 655-658 (2021).
  • Texture: How texture makes flavour (O. G. Mouritsen).  In CRC Handbook of Molecular Gastronomy: Scientific Foundations and Culinary Applications (H. This, R. Burke, A. Kelly, and C. Lavelle, eds.) CRC Press, pp. 585-592 (2021).
  • School children cooking and eating insects as part of a teaching program – Effects of cooking, insect type, tasting order and food neophobia on hedonic response (Chow, C. Y., Riantiningtyas, R. R., Sørensen, H. and Frøst, M.B.) Food Quality and Preference 87, 104027 (2021).
  • Yes I can cook a fish; Effects of a five week sensory-based experiential theme course with fish on 11- to 13- year old children’s food literacy and fish eating behaviour – a quasi-experimental study (R. Højer, K. Wistoft & M. B. Frøst) Food Quality and Preference 92, 10423 (2021).
  • Familiarity and PTC taster status influence on the liking of 14 food items and 3 taste samples in 19000 Danish school children (B.-E. Menadeva-Karpantschof, B. H. Allesen-Holm, C. Ritz, A. Olsen, W. B. Bredie & M. B. Frøst) Food Quality and Preference, in preparation (2021).
  • What does cilantro oil and beta-ionone smell like? Results from 19000 Danish school children (B.-E. Menadeva-Karpantschof, B. H. Allesen-Holm, C. Ritz, A. Olsen, W. B. Bredie& M. B. Frøst) Food Quality and Preference, in preparation (2021).
  • Fruit and vegetable neophobia among 19000 Danish school children (B.-E. Menadeva-Karpantschof, B. H. Allesen-Holm, C. Ritz, A. Olsen, W. B. Bredie & M. B. Frøst.) Food Quality and Preference, in preparation (2021).
  • “Something fishy is cooking” – A survey of 11-13 year old Danish children’s self-evaluated food neophilia, food behaviour, knowledge, and skills in relation to fish (R. Højer and M. B. Frøst) Food Quality and Preference, submitted (2021).
  • How cartoon character and claims influence children’s attitude towards a snack vegetable – An explorative cross-cultural comparison between Indonesia and Denmark (V. Hemar, H. Hapsari, S. Angka & A. Olsen) Food Quality and Preference 87, 104031 (2021).  
  • Optimizing repeated exposure: Determining optimal stimulus shape for introducing a novel vegetable among children (C. Karagiannaki, C. Ritz, P. Møller, D. S. Andreasen, R. Bär, H. Hausner & A. Olsen) Foods 21:909 (2021). 
  • Optimizing repeated exposure: Determining optimal stimulus frequency for introducing a novel vegetable among children (C. Karagiannaki, C. Ritz, L. G. H. Jensen, E. H. Tørsleff, P. Møller, H. Hausner & A. Olsen) Foods 21:913 (2021). 
  • Repeated exposure to foods in adults: A review of current evidence (M. Martell, D. Cedillo, R. V. D. Petersen, L. Davainytė, L. Van de Sompel and A. Olsen) Nutrients, in preparation(2021). 
  • Opportunities for meat reduction in 5-8 years old children – The role of parental meat attachment and preferred meal serving styles (J. R. Erhardt & A. Olsen) Foods, submitted (2021).
  • Alterations in food acceptance during childhood cancer treatment in children is food specific (L. Gregersen, K. Kok, C. Mølgaard and A. Olsen) Foods, submitted (2021). 
  • Children’s acceptance of different vegetable preparation techniques – A cross-cultural comparison between Sweden and Denmark. (M. Martell, J. Berkelmans, O. G. Mouritsen,K. Wendin & A. Olsen) in preparation (2021).  
  • Nudging children to consume more vegetables? A comparison of the effects of default option, visual priming and labelling on choice and intake. (M. Voigt, Y. Wang, J. Berkelmans & A. Olsen) in preparation (2021).
  • Picky eating among children and their parents - Associations in parent-child dyads in a sample of children with neurodevelopmental disorders and their Typically Developing peers. (S. Þorsteinsdóttir, H. G. Eliasdottir, A.  Olsen & A. S. Ólafsdóttir) Foods, in preparation (2021).
  • Bridging didactical theory and professional practice through the process of designing learning materials (M. Pless & L. Hedegaard) LUP, Studier i læreruddannelse og -profession, submitted (2021).
  • Le bien-être alimentaire et Epicure: Retour sur les Anciens pour une lecture moderne de l’alimentation (V. Nicolas-Hemar & L. Hedegaard) Recherche et Applications en Marketing , in preparation (2021). 
  • Place matters. Towards a phenomenology of place (L. Hedegaard) Danish Yearbook of Philosophy, in press (2021).
  • Children’s cookbooks – learning using recipes, cooking experiments and taste competence (J. H. Christensen and K. Wistoft) Health Education Journal, submitted (2021).
  • Developing healthy school meals: a systematic literature review on school lunch settings (M. Stovgaard, M. M. R. Thorborg and K. Wistoft) Journal of School Health, submitted (2021).
  • Religious taste: A reflection repertoire for teaching food diversity (K. Wistoft and L. Qvortrup) Food, Culture and Society, submitted (2021).
  • Teaching sensory science: The effectiveness of a teaching program for culinary professionals (M. Stovgaard, J. H. Christensen, A. Clark, M. Damsbo-Svendsen, B. M. Karpantschof, M. B. Frøst and K. Wistoft) Journal of Education Research, under preparation (2021).
  • The effectiveness of taste as a catalyst for learning in primary school (J. H. Christensen, M. Stovgaard and K. Wistoft) International Journal on New Trends in Education and Their Implications, submitted (2021).
  • Bridging didactical theory and professional practice through the process of designing learning materials (M. Pless & L. Hedegaard). Iartem e-Journal (submitted, 2021).


Danske artikler med peer review (2021)

  • Mad og måltider i skolen (M. K. Nielsen, K. Wistoft and C. Damsgaard). In: Mad, mennesker og måltider i et samfundsmæssigt perspektiv” (L. Holm and S. T. Kristensen, eds.) 3. udg. København, Gyldendal (2021).


Populærformidlingsartikler (2021)

  • Videnskaben bag østers med champagne (C. V. Schmidt, K. Olsen, and O. G. Mouritsen) Aktuel Naturvidenskab 1, 32-36 (2021).
  • Opskriften på et langt liv er grøn og kalorielet (O. G. Mouritsen) Politiken MAD 14, 44-46 (2021).
  • Grøn mad smager ikke godt nok (O. G. Mouritsen) Politiken Debat, s. 2, 9. januar (2021).
  • A role for cephs in changing eating behaviour (Ole G. Mouritsen) In Cephs & Chefs Recipe Book (A. M. Power, ed.) INTERREG Publications, pp.61-62 (2021).
  • Pizza: et studie i umami (O. G. Mouritsen) Politiken MAD 15, 50 (2021).
  • Umami-potentiale af danske østers og blæksprutter (C. V. Schmidt, K. Olsen, and O. G. Mouritsen) Dansk Kemi 102 (1), 16-19, (2021).
  • Umami-potentiale af fermenterede drikkevarer (C. V. Schmidt, K. Olsen, and O. G. Mouritsen) Dansk Kemi 102 (2), 16-19 (2021).
  • Indien i næsen (O. G. Mouritsen) Politiken MAD 16, 63 (2021).
  • Maillard: velsmagen med det svære navn (O. G. Mouritsen) Politiken MAD 17, 56 (2021).
  • Kostråd i klimaets navn (O. G. Mouritsen) Politiken MAD 18, 46-47 (2021).
  • Lugt verden (O. G. Mouritsen) Kronik. Kristeligt Dagblad, s. 11, 18. maj (2021).
  • BØRNEHØJDE – en faglig podcast om pædagogik og læreplan (nye afsnit) | emu Danmarks Læringsportal: Mad, måltider, smag i børnehaver (K. Wistoft). EMU - Danmarks Læringsportal (2021).
  • Den religiøse smag: Refleksionsrepertoire til undervisning i madmæssig mangfoldighed (K. Wistoft). Madkundskab.nu (2021).
  • Forskningsbaseret evaluering af Den Magiske Madkasse (2) (A. Clark, S. H. Nielsen and K. Wistoft). Aarhus Universitet (2021).
  • Hver sin ret, men hvordan? Madmæssig mangfoldighed i madkundskab i skolen (K. Wistoft and B. Andersen). Madkundskab.nu (2021).


Bøger og ph.d.-afhandlinger (2021)

  • Octopuses, Squid Cuttlefish: Seafood for Today and for the Future  (O. G. Mouritsen and K. Styrbæk) Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 277pp (2021).
  • Tsukemono: Decoding the Art and Science of Japanese Pickling  (O. G. Mouritsen and K. Styrbæk) Springer Nature Switzerland AG, in press (2021).
  • Complex Korean characters - Mouthfeel) (O. G. Mouritsen and K. Styrbæk) Tabi Books, Seoul, in press (2021).
  • Gastrophysical and chemical characterization of umami, taste pairing, and texture inrelation to sustainable food sources: Squid, oysters, and fermented beverages (C. V. Schmidt) PhD-thesis, University of Copenhagen, 258pp (2021).
  • Is there fish in fish cakes? - An interdisciplinary inquiry into the influence of a sensory-based experiential theme course on fish on children’s food literacy and fish-eating behavior (R. Højer) PhD-thesis, University of Copenhagen, 295pp (2021).
  • Effektfuldhed og kausalitet i pædagogisk forskning og praksis. (J. H. Christensen og L. Qvortrup, eds.) Aarhus Universitetsforlag, Aarhus, Kausalitet og effektfuldhed i undervisningen og uddannelsessystemet: En genbeskrivelse (L. Qvortrup og K. Wistoft); Et kritisk blik på kausalitet og evidens i den danske evidensbevægelse og et muligt bud på en forbedring, - Dansk Clearinghouse for Uddannelsesforskning som case (M. H. Vembye & H. S. Jensen); School effectiveness-forskningen som afsæt for effektfuldhed (M. Thorborg), Iagttagelse af tegn på læring via Mixed Methods;  En tilgang for undersøgelse af effektfuldhed (J. H. Christensen); En effektfuldhedsundersøgelse med elevperspektiver i praksis – Fagligt samspil mellem dansk og kemi i stx-gymnasiet (C. Thrane og J. H. Christensen); Evidensens effektfuldhed: Er det god medicin? - En drøftelse af forholdet mellem skoleforskningen og lærerens didaktiske beslutningsgrundlag (M. Stovgaard); under review (2021).
  • Fag med smag: En effektfuldhedsundersøgelse af smag som omdrejningspunkt i undervisning i skolen (M. Stovgaard, A. Clark, J. H. Christensen, M. M. R. Thorborg, T. Brahe and K. Wistoft) 60pp  (2021).
  • Smagen af vildt. Jagt, undervisning og tilberedning (K. Wistoft, C. Thrane and P. Henrichsen). SMAG #12, 85pp, Odense (2021).



Internationale artikler og bogkapitler med peer review (2020)

  • Umami synergy as the scientific principle behind taste-pairing champagne and oysters (C. V. Schmidt, K. Olsen & O. G. Mouritsen) Nature Scientific Reports, 10:20077 (2020).
  • Umami potential of Nordic squid (Loligo forbesii) (C. V. Schmidt, M. Poojary, O. G.Mouritsen & K. Olsen) International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science 22:100275(2020).
  • Design and 'umamification' of vegetables for sustainable eating (O. G. Mouritsen and K. Styrbæk) Int. J. Food Design 5, 9-42 (2020).
  • Seaweeds in mythology, folklore, poetry, and life. (J. L. Pérez-Lloréns, O. G. Mouritsen, P. Rhatigan, M. L. Cornish, and A. T. Critchley) J. Appl. Phycol. 32, 3157-3182 (2020).
  • A role for macroalgae and cephalopods in sustainable eating. (O. G. Mouritsen and C. V. Schmidt) Front. Psychol. 11:1402 (2020).
  • The solution to sustainable eating is not a one-way street. (C. V. Schmidt and O. G. Mouritsen) Front. Psychol. 11:531 (2020).
  • A serious game approach to increase food exploration in families with children aged 5- to 13-years old (S. E. Nielson, A. Suldrup, C. Terkelsen & A. Olsen) Nutrients 12:1415 (2020).
  • How colours in food packaging influence acceptance – A cross cultural comparison of Indonesian and Danish children (S. Angka, A. Olsen & V. Hemar) Appetite 79:103795 (2020).
  • Play with your food and cook it! Tactile play with fish as a way of breaking down 11 to 13 year old children’s disgust barrier when learning to cook fish in a school setting – a qualitative study. (R. Højer, K. Wistoft, and M. B. Frøst) Nutrients 12, 3180 (2020).
  • How packaging colours and claims influence children’s vegetable attitude and intake – An explorative cross-cultural comparison between Indonesia and Denmark (S. Angka, V. Hemar-Nicolas, H. P. Hapsari & A. Olsen) Food Quality and Preference 79, 103795 (2020).
  • Can games change children’s eating behaviour? A systematic review of Gamification and Serious Games (C. Y. Chow, R. R. Riantiningtyas, M. Papavasileiou, M. B. Kanstrup, G. de Liem & A. Olsen) Food Quality and Preference 80, 103823 (2020). 
  • Children’s self-reported reasons for accepting and rejecting foods (J. C. Sick, H. R. Nielsen& A. Olsen) Nutrients 11, 2455 (2020).
  • Convenience vegetables can increase consumption in young consumers (N. B. Hyldelund, S.Worck & A. Olsen) Food Quality and Preferences 83, 103925 (2020).
  • To meat or not to meat (L. B. Brønnum, A. G.  Jensen & C. V. Schmidt) International Journal of Food Design 5(1-2), 83-92 (2020).
  • Teaching sensory science to practitioners can change what we eat (M. Damsbo-Svendsen,B.-E. Menadeva Karpantschof & M. B. Frøst) International Journal of Food Design, 5 (1 & 2), 103–112 (2020).
  • Outdoor taste education: Danish perspectives on potentials and challenges for taste education in school gardens and outdoor leaning. (M. K. Nielsen, P. M. Dyg and K. Wistoft) Food, Culture and Society 23:4, 523-541 (2020).
  • Kingdom of Taste: A serious game approach to improve food behavior in families – a pilot study (S. E. Nielson, A. Suldrup & A. Olsen) Nutrients 12, 1415 (2020).
  • Figurations of Taste. Sensing sustainable alternatives together (S. Højlund) International Journal of Food Design 5(1-2), 133-318 (2020).
  • Ethics, moral, and moralization: Sustainability in food education (K.  Wistoft) International Journal of Food Design 5 (1&2) 149-156 (2020).
  • Rethinking food well-being as reconciliation between pleasure and sustainability (L. Hedegaard & V. Hémar-Nicolas) International Journal of Food Design 5 (1&2), 157-166(2020). 

Editorial (2020)

  • Creative Tastebuds 2020 (Editorial) (S. Højlund, M. B. Frøst, and O. G. Mouritsen) International Journal of Food Design 5(1&2), 3–8 (2020).

Populærformidlingsartikler (2020)

  • Tang er også grønt (O. G. Mouritsen) Politiken MAD 4, 40 (2020).
  • Sådan lærer vi vores børn grønt madmod (O. G. Mouritsen) Politiken MAD 5, 68 (2020).
  • Du kender umami, men nu skal du også kende kokumi (O. G. Mouritsen) Politiken MAD 6, 76 (2020).
  • 5 spørgsmål og svar om de vigtige kostfibre (O. G. Mouritsen) Politiken MAD 7, 82-83 (2020).
  • Smag på alle hylder (O. G. Mouritsen) Politiken MAD 8, 77 (2020).
  • Fjordrejer er dansk forår og sommer (O. G. Mouritsen and K. Styrbæk) GASTRO 162, 128-133 (2020).
  • Et smagsunivers med knas (O. G. Mouritsen) Politiken MAD 9, 66 (2020).
  • Velsmag. Den grønne omstilling og vores mad (K. Styrbæk and O. G. Mouritsen) Kronik. Avisen Danmark, 6. juni, s. 14 (2020).
  • I en lage af salt, sødme og syrlighed (O. G. Mouritsen) Politiken MAD 10, 46 (2020).
  • Grønt med umami (K. Styrbæk and O. G. Mouritsen) Jyllands-Posten, Mad & Vin, 7. august, s. 12-13 (2020).
  • Smagen af hjem (O. G. Mouritsen) Politiken MAD 11, 36 (2020).
  • Solen er så grøn, mor (O. G. Mouritsen) Politiken MAD 12, 64 (2020).
  • Uhm, umami! (K. Styrbæk and O. G. Mouritsen) Psykologi 7, 54-59 (2020).
  • Hvad smager julen af? (O. G. Mouritsen) Politiken MAD 13, 62 (2020).
  • Vi spiser det, vi kan lide (M. Schneider and E. Rymann) Diætisten 168, 17 (2020).
  • Smag er en oplevelse for alle sanser (M. Schneider and E. Rymann) Diætisten 168, 18-20 (2020).
  • Sådan lærer vi at kunne lide nyt (M. Schneider and E. Rymann) Diætisten 168, 20-21 (2020).
  • Vi kan smage i otte dimensioner (M. Schneider and E. Rymann) Diætisten 168, 22-23 (2020).
  • Viden og værktøjer til at bruge smag som ressource (M. Schneider and E. Rymann) Diætisten 168, 24 (2020).
  • Bæredygtighed og 'den moralske smag' (K. Wistoft). Paper fra Dansk Sociologikongres 2020, København NV (2020).
  • Etik, moral og moralisering: Bæredygtighed i madkundskabsdidaktik (K. Wistoft) Madkundskab.nu (2020).
  • Professor om manglende kostvejledning til veganske familier: Det er en falliterklæring, hvis ikke vi gør som vores nabolande (K. Wistoft). Politikens Sundhedsmonitor (01.09) (2020).
  • Smag leg og fantasi: Den Magiske Madkasse i børnehaven (K. Wistoft, og A. Clark). Ernæringsfokus. Viden om mad og ernæring til professionelle (2020).
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  • Den magiske madkasse: forskningsbaseret evaluering (I) (K. Wistoft, A. Clark, and J. H. Christensen). Aarhus Universitet (2020).


Bøger og ph.d.-afhandlinger (2020)

  • Grønt med umami og velsmag: Håndværk, viden & opskrifter (K. Styrbæk and O. G. Mouritsen) Gyldendal, Copenhagen, 352pp (2020).



Internationale artikler og bogkapitler med peer review (2019)

  • Changes in taste perception, intensity, taste-related food preferences and food intake in pregnant women: a literature review. (H. Weenen, A. Olsen, E. Nanou, E. Moreau, S. Nambiar, C. Vereijken & L. Muhardi) Journal of Chemosensory Perception 12, 1-17 (2019). 
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  • Soft matter physics meets the culinary arts: From polymers to jellyfish (M. T. Pedersen & T. A. Vilgis) International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science 16:100135 (2019).
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